Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a Writer, but a Reader First

I just want to make it clear that this is not a book review site. However, occasionally I like to post about books that I've read and enjoyed...especially indie authors. Why? Because we are a special community of writers that rely on the support from writers and their peers. It's no different than what we see in the world of academia when we hear the term "peer reviewed" in relation to a published article. It simply implies that the work had been accepted and vetted by members within their academic community.

But aside from being a writer and a peer, I am also a reader!  If you're going to write, you have to read (and because Stephen King says so).

Now that I've said what I have to say, here are two books I had the good fortune of reading this week from indie author Stacey Wallace Benefiel

I loved the story so much, that I ended up reading both books back to back (Stacey, please hurry up with Glow)! Stacey offers an original take on psychic abilities and I was completely sucked into the story and its characters. While the books are YA, it was still a captivating read to this 30-some year old. My only complaint was that both books were just a tad too short...I didn't want it to end. Oh, and her sister did the cover art. How cool is that?

Glimpse (Zellie Wells Book 1)

Glimmer (Volume 2)

So you see, this isn't really a review, but rather an attempt to say, "Hey! Read this book. It's great."


  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Claudia! I'm happy you liked the books. I'm hoping to have Glow out by June. :)

  2. Yep. Steven King did say that and I saw the video proof :-)

    Indie Authors Arise!!!

    Just *had* to say that :-)

  3. Stacey - I'll be reading your other two books this weekend.

    Alexander - I have the "book" proof :)

  4. I think Stacey's covers are great!


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