Monday, January 17, 2011

Support Our Books

Here is a list of all the books I read this past week. All links direct you to Amazon and all are priced at $2.99 or under! Most of them are indie authors and if you have never read anything by these authors, you should give them a try!

To Kill A Warlock by H.P. Mallory

This is the first in the Dulie O'Neil series. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much is owed to Dulcie, who works in law enforcement (as a Regulator who monitors supernatural creatures living in the mortal world), but in her spare time writes novels hoping to catch the eye of an editor. Hey! I work in law enforcement and spend every spare moment I have working on publishing my first book. Talk about relating to a character!

                                                            Ascend by Amanda Hocking

I was sad that this is the final book in the Trylle Trilogy, so reading Ascend was a bittersweet ride, but Miss Hocking does not disappoint. Since this book was just released, I don't want to spoil it with spoilers (yes, pun intended).

                                                          Desert Places by Blake Crouch

I'll admit, I picked up Desert Places because I am preparing for Stirred, the final book in the Jack Daniel's series by J.A. Konrath, that will be co-written by Crouch, blending characters from both series of books. Update: I just finished reading Locked Doors, the sequel to Desert Places this morning.  

                                                      Burial to Follow by Scott Nicholson

I was in the mood for some horror and I stumbled upon Nicholson and thought I'd give this book a chance. I was not disappointed! Being a fan of horror, this novella was wonderfully crafted and I wanted more!

                                                              Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan

I read this book the previous week, however, I thought I would add this to the list as J.L. Bryan has kicked off The Haunted E-Book Blog Tour to promote his book, The Haunted E-Book (which I will begin reading this week). As for Jenny Pox, this was original in concept and beautifully written. It liken it to a cross between Carrie and Romeo & Juliet.

***As I compiled the list, I realized that Crouch, Nicholson and Bryan are all Southern writers. Maybe it's because I'm Southern myself that I find myself drawn to them....something about their style : )


  1. I love the indie authors :). I've got quite a few Scott Nicholson on my Kindle and I have Switched, which I think is the first Trylle trilogy. I also have 4 of J.L. Bryans. Jenny Pox was awesome! I haven't come across Blake Crouch before though.

  2. Claudia, thanks for the mention and for supporting indie authors! You, too, Karen.


  3. Looks promising! I think HP Mallory has done a great job creating distinctive title art. Those are quite memorable, and I see she's doing very well at Amazon.

    P.S. Thanks for adding a link to my blog!

  4. Thanks Claudia! What Scott said. :)


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