Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Life Gets In The Way, #ROW80 Update

Last night I was telling my husband about all the success some indie authors are having and he asked if I was jealous. No, I wasn't jealous, because that's just mean spirited, but I did admit I was a bit envious. His response was, "Well, when those readers finish those books, they have to read something else right?"

Yea, I guess they do.

So, this only being my first few days into #ROW80 and I had every intention of completing my goals by today's check-in. I mean, how hard could it have been? My goals for this challenge were pretty simple: Write everyday during the week and spend at least 3 hours writing on Sat & Sun. I didn't set a specific word count, as long as I wrote something.

So Sunday being my first official day, I ended up being called out to work for almost five hours. I did get my three hours done, but it was a bit forced by the time I got home at 7:30pm.

Monday was a wash. I ended up getting home around 10pm after a full day of work, including teaching my night class and I was spent. So much for writing...anything.

Yesterday, I stayed home sick. And who could blame me? I'd spent the last seven days working (not including writing) without a break. My body said it wasn't getting out of bed and I listened. I didn't get much writing done, but I did spend several hours editing Heir.

Today, I'm off to a much better start, as I got in some writing time this morning and plan on doing some writing after I finish this post.

Because readers are going to need something new to read : )


  1. Hey Claudia, don't it stink when our bodies crash and demand a 're-boot'? I think you just got a big message about pace. Please remember the computer will be there tomorrow. Jobs, family, and friends will Likely Disappear if Routinely Ignored ;-) Love your attitude, by the way. And editing work is still writing work.

    So, I say, well done :-)

  2. I like your attitude. :) I know that right now, there are a lot of writers stewing over the success of others and letting it get in the way of their own writing. I personally think it's a lot better to keep writing and get something of your own out there because, yes, when people are finished with their books, they're hungry for something else. Keep heading for your own goals and you'll do fine.

    Hope your feeling better by now and have a great writing month!

  3. Thanks guys. I love seeing the success of indie writers all there. Before, people used to say it it was an "anomoly"...but not anymore!

    I am feeling much better!

  4. What a great thing for your husband to say! I love it. I definitely understand feeling envious, I've written a couple of blogposts recently about the struggle of watching some indies take off, even though I am happy for them.

    In any case, feel better, and I hope you're able to get some writing in while hanging out in bed!


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