Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Lessons

It's that time of year again when boyfriends and husbands rack their brains on what to get their Valentine's Day sweetie. Fortunately for my hubby, I'm easy to please and fortunately for me, my hubby is a (former) executive chef. So I get lobster at home every Valentine's Day.

It took many years for me to find that perfect someone to share my life with. It took a lot of growing up and being comfortable with myself before I could commit to anyone and vice versa. If you write romance, you'll see it's not much different than our hero. As the story progresses, our character grows up and it's only then that they are ready to find and accept love (almost always at the end of the story).

What I've learned is that 1) you can't force love, 2) you should NEVER feel obligated to someone, and 3) you have to love yourself first. Without these three lessons, relationships are almost always doomed to fail. In my profession, I've seen more marriages fail because of it. And I don't mean divorce either, I'm talking violence, murder and mayhem. Everyday, folks. 

And less I forget, my #ROW80 Update:

Slow and steady wins the race, especially if you're a writer. I have been working so hard on my WIP's that I barely have time to do anything else. Learning how to take it easy and pace myself has definitely been a priority. So in the spirit of Valentine's Day I got my early V-Day gift from the hubby: a gold turtle necklace, to remind me that patience will win out and I'll soon have my book published.

I have spent the last few days writing everyday as part of my challenge and while I flaked yesterday on my goal of writing 3 hours on the weekend, I'm am making up for it today!


  1. is it a turtle where you are we have tortoise and the hare - I love finding new things! I do so agree about pacing oneself - I do find it difficult to do - I also find that if I dont drag myself away - turn my back on WIP I start to get stale - so good hubby for buying you something pretty

  2. Congratulations on finding your pace - and yum, that lobster sounds great [g]

  3. What a thoughtful gift! Congrats on finding your writing rhythm--that was (is!) one of my biggest challenges.

  4. Aw, such a sweet gift. Have a great Val's day, take it easy and enjoy it if you can. Good luck with next week's progress. :)

  5. Learning to pace myself is a hard lesson to learn, one I'm currently working on. I can be an "all or nothing" person...either I get it all done NOW or I don't work on it. Hard to break old (bad) habits.

    Your site looks perfect for Valentine's Day!

  6. Nice job Claudia - slow and steady gets you there. And a break is usually a positive thing! Hope your week is stays as strong!

  7. I only have one Valentine...

    My dear departed mother.

    Her maiden name was Valentine...

    More than enough love still flows to me from her spirit :-)


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