Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back on Schedule

Okay, so I've you've been following along you'll realize that I've kind of put Heir on the backburner. I got so caught up with other writing projects, twitter, my novella (still don't have a title for it!) and working on my backyard, that I put Heir aside for awhile.

But boy, I'm glad I did. There are going to be some major changes. The general storyline will remain the same, but for those that were expecting a preternatural world of elves, I sincerely apologize. After much thought and internal debate, I decided to switch gears and change Etta's new world to that of an alternate reality.

Thankfully I'm working with an almost completed book. I've already begun tweaking it and to my surprise, it hasn't been as tedious as I'd first thought. The result is a nicer flow and I think it makes for a much better story. I had always wanted to work on a book that dealt with alternate realities/many worlds theory and after bouncing some ideas off my dad, he helped shape some of the ideas I had been toying around with for this book (My dad was my high school physics teacher...He's even met Stephen Hawking!)

So there you go. Heir is back on track, hopefully with a summer release date, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.


  1. That's good news. I went through the same thing w/my zombie novel I'm about to drop as an ebook. It was a bit tedious making the changes and ensuring that all the parts matched but way better in the end. I mean, who deosn't love a good Charlie Sheen zombie, right? J/k, but actually not a bad idea...

    Will this be your first ebook?

  2. Thanks Sean and yes, it will be my first full length ebook. The first one will be my novella that comes out next month. Exciting but scary all at once (ok, I'm terrified!). Let me know when your zombie book is out!


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