Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Being Psychic

Last night, after spending several hours writing in my office, I decided to join my neglected husband downstairs to watch some television. Now, you have to understand something about my hubby. He loves to watch anything that deals with the paranormal, never misses Shark Week, and will DVR anything Bigfoot related (even if he's home to watch it).

So you'd think my idea of writing a story about a group of investigators in search of the elusive chupacabra (who end up getting killed in the process, of course) would have sparked some interest. Nope. His response was, "No one wants to read about the chupacabra. What about Bigfoot? But you can't make him bad."

Not two seconds later, he tunes me out in order to watch Destination Truth on Syfy. And wouldn't you this episode, the investigative group goes in search of the African Night Stalker, aka the Chupacabra. Apparently the team over at Destination Truth thinks goatsuckers are interesting. That or I'm just psychic.

4/7/11 UPDATE: Just watched scenes for next week's Bones...the Chupacabra makes an appearance! Chupacabra - 2 / Hubby - 0


We are well into Day 3 of ROW80 and I'm happy to say I've pretty much stuck to my goals. I've written everyday and even spent some time editing. Okay, I'm lying. I didn't do any writing on Monday. I usually don't, due to Monday night class and typing up lecture notes don't count! But for the rest of the week, I plan on staying on target. I still have some writing time slotted for tonight and got a few precious minutes of writing time in this morning.


  1. Awesome Claudia! You've got lot's of self-control!

    And here's something interesting. I read a comic called Proof about an agency specializing in cryptids. Guess what the first case was? The Chupacabra. Guess who works for the agency? Bigfoot! It's like they wrote it for you guys.

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  3. Andrew - let's call it a least for this week!

    If only I had time for comics. I would totally pick that one up! I don't see how someone can believe in one and not the other... :)

  4. #1 Josh Gates Rocks. End of story.
    #2 Ghost Hunters have way more integrity and common sense than the dudes at Ghost Adventures
    #3 Mike Rowe should voice-over pretty much everything.
    #4 Goat-suckers are awesomely interesting
    #5 I cannot get roped into the Chupacabra thing. I've worked at this, and it just doesn't work for me.
    (sighs. drinks more wine)

  5. I'm voting for....psychic. Good luck with ROW80 Claudia.

  6. Shari - You know? I don't care for Ghost Hunters. Something about those two... I like Celebrity Ghost Stories :)

    Kerry - I'm going with the psychic thing too.


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