Sunday, April 24, 2011

Something New

Picked some new authors to read this past week. Of course, I stuck to my usual favorties and read Tommy Nightmare (the second book in the Jenny Pox series) by JL Bryan and Liquid Fear by Scott Nicholson.

But I also took a chance on some new writers and had a very entertaining week.

Act of Redemption by C.C. Cole

While I've always been a fan of urban fantasy, I've never really gotten into medival fantasy. This novella changed my view and I'll certainly be reading more fantasy in the future.

Children of Discord by C.C. Cole

Finished the second book in the Gastar series this morning. This one has vamps! But not the shimmery Twilight kind. I was plesantly surprised.

Tiempos de Lucifer (The Times of Lucifer) by Jose Miguel Diaz

Yes, this book is in Spanish, but I couldn't pass this up for $.99. I'll admit, it's taking me awhile to read this, but that's because I have to translate in my head. But this doesn't take away from the book. It has all the makings of a good thriller: the Vatican, satanists, a police detective and a global upheaval.

ROW80 Update

1. Wednesday - I sent out a few copies of The Fury to some book bloggers. And it got some great reader reviews this week, so I'm hopefull I can raise enough for Pandora's Project before May 15.

2. Thursday - Worked on Heir. Ever since the major rewrite, I have the begining and the end, but I am stuck on the conflict. Ugh. I announced my frustration to my husband and he's like, "What conflict?" Exactly.

3. Friday - More of the same.

4. Saturday - Didn't do much writing. Taught my Saturday class, went shopping and planted some plants.

Today I plan on finishing up this post, comment on some ROW80 posts, do some more planting (maybe while I'm doing that, I'll come up with my conflict). Then I'm off to my mother-in-laws for Easter dinner. Between all of that, I'm going to try to finish up a scene or two and if I'm lucky, I'll even get some much needed laundry done!


  1. Enjoy your day today! You really packed a lot of things in this week.

  2. I appreciated the links to your reading material. I'm always looking for new books/novellas to devour.
    Crafting conflict has been a challenge for me as well. I find myself wanting to 'resolve' it too quickly. Hope you get the light bulb idea you're waiting for this week. ~Nadja

  3. Good luck on creating some conflict for your WIP. That is always a challenge.

    Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

  4. I've never tried this before, but since you've got the ending, maybe write backwards. If you know why your character is at the place he's at then you might be able to figure out how he got there. AKA The Conflict.

  5. Congratulations on the good reviews. Good luck on the conflict. I'm having a similar problem--stuck in the middle.

  6. Congrats on the reviews. As for reading there is so much out there it's hard to keep up with it all. I'm sure the laundry will give your brain an excuse to work on the conflict.

  7. you've done well this week - conflict - um not sure - my book's conflicts are life itself - survival - not people - but I was told my soldiers were too nice and to make them a bit meaner - found it so hard - best of luck on the conflict bit

  8. @ Heir- the morass of the middle! You'll get through it! Sarah Rees Brennan has some of the best advice @ the middle, imo: when you get stuck, have your characters fight or make out.
    Also, what an awesome cover for The Fury. It's going on my TBR list right away.
    Sounds like a very productive week, Claudia. Fun too, with the shopping and planting.

  9. Gracias por leer y promocionar mi novela "Tiempos de Lucifer".
    José Miguel Díaz.


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