Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

It's already May, but I feel as though it might as well be June. Every weekend is accounted for and that's going to put a serious damper on my writing time. Not to mention the fact that we can't start camping until June, due to all the parties/events we are obligated to attend this month. The only good part about May is that I get the summer off from teaching, so I'll have my Monday nights and Saturday mornings back..until last August. 

ROW80 UpdateNow that I figured out my conflict glitch, I am now writing away and finishing off the last few chapters of Heir. Fortunately, my goal is to write everyday (no word count), so I've been pretty successful on that front.

PS: Today, on the celebration of the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, I find it ironic that I'm a TexMexican with a French last name.


  1. I Was curious about that last name. TexMex, huh. I guess if you have to plan your calendar THAT tightly, I'd schedule the nervous breakdown for today and get it over with......;-)

  2. Oh yeah, I'm a border town girl :) Hence my fascination with the chupacabra!

    Lefeve is the watered-down French Canadian version of Lefebvre. My maiden name is Ybarra, most commonly spelled Ibarra.

    Isn't language great??

  3. Google swallowed my post, dangit.
    RYC: I'm super excited to read RUN! Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
    I'm interested in your honest feedback on Compis. My beta readers were pretty brutal, so I think my skin is thick at this point in time, hahaha.
    I want to return the favor, but I'd like to wait for Heir. When does that come out? I read the chapter/teaser thingy and I was definitely intrigued!

  4. I love your last name. It's quite glamourous, and will look perfect on all those bestsellers...
    I STILL haven't read The Fury, but it's in my TBR pile, I swear. I'm really excited about Heir. If you need an extra beta, you have a volunteer right here.
    Small Cinco de Mayo planned here at home: homemade cheese enchilada casserole and homemade flan. Heavy on the dairy because Daniel has a broken arm :( But I'm so glad April is over! No more terrible weather! (fingers crossed.)

  5. Kate - I will totally email you after I read Compis! I hope to have Heir wrapped-up/published by mid-summer. :)

    Vickie - no more glamourous than Keire! And be careful what you volunteer for (you too Kate)...I just might take you up on it. Your dinner sounds heavenly. Flan is my FAVORITE dessert ever. Hubby had sushi and I had tilapia (with guacamole!) For dessert?? Bacon chocolate (again).

  6. OMG, I LOVE being a Beta Reader!!! Far less pressure. I've done that a few times for the Kindle board authors. Sign me up. (if you want) Just make sure you tell me where you're at in editing -i.e. has it been proofed yet, etc.

    As for your last name, try mine on for size. Oy. NO ONE can spell it OR pronounce it. But in the end I went with Copeseeley over my maiden name Stoddard, because it's alliterative. :)

  7. Yeah!! Did some more writing last night and it's coming along.

    I love alliteration!


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