Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Updates

It's been a crazy week since my last post. Going over edits with my editor and receiving comments back from my beta readers...of course, all of this could have been a lot simpler had I not totally flaked and got my book out to my beta's in time. I am so ever indebted to them for the time they've spent tearing my book apart... I can't thank them enough!! One is convinced it's going to turn into a movie (ha, doubtful). But it's nice to have positive feedback like that. I'll just be happy if the rest of the general public doesn't think it sucks.

In the next few days, I'll be polishing off the last of the edits. My goal is to finish by the weekend and start formating for both ebook and print! So, yes, I'll still meet my August publication deadline (Monday I thought the end of August was next week, until I realized I have another full week)!

That being said, I'm totally behind on my reading. I have so many books I've accumulated in my queue and I haven't had the time to read these last couple of weeks. That's just not like me. I generally read 3-4 books a week! I did however re-read JL Bryan's The Paranormals (Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare) in preparation for the third book in the series, Alexander Death, coming out in September. We'll both be doing book tours in October, through Kismet Book Touring, so check back for more info. I'm going to have some great one-of-kind giveaways!!


  1. HEY!

    this has potential to be HUGE, and Very high potential to be visual as well. I have to tell you that it's serious good stuff, girlfriend. Quirky, strong characters, and original and i really, really like it. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to beta-read when it's something you WANT to read!!!!!

  2. Absolutely love your book covers - am heading to Amazon now to get myself a copy of The Fury - sounds right my my alley. Hope you have a great week and hit all those goals!


  3. Shari - Thanks!! And you know I only let you read my stuff because you totally kick my butt and don't sugar coat things!

    Jody - If you like it, let me know! If you don't...let me know anyway :)

  4. Congratulations, Claudia! I just know your book is going to be a huge success. You deserve it!

  5. Vicki - If it's half as successful as yours, I'll be happy :)


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