Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Cover Reveal

For reasons I won't get into, I am thrilled to announce the new cover design for Parallel! Yeah, I know, it's only been one month since it's realease, but again, no need to go into the details why... So that means I'll be able to release the print version of Parallel very soon!

After much consideration, I decided to go with Robin Ludwig Design Inc. to do my cover art. She has such an amazing portfolio and has designed some of my favorite covers for other indie authors: Susan Bischoff, Sarra Cannon, Zoe Winters, and Karly Kirkpatrick...just to name a few.

I am so pleased to have worked with an A+ professional on this and am totally stoked at how great the cover came out!

But while I do have a new cover design, I am going to keep the current eBook version up until the end of October (i.e. when my blog tour ends), so there's no confusion. So for now, the new cover will be used for the print version until November when I do the complete overhall.

Speaking of which, I'll be posting the 411 on my upcoming blog tour in the next day or two! Yay!

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