Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Quest for Bacon-y Sweets

Okay, enough bacon already!!! Just kidding...but seriously, there's been so much talk of bacon on twitter lately (#booktitlesreplacedwithbacon), that I had to do a post on it. If you're on twitter and follow writers, you'll find that we are obsessed with bacon (and chocolate).

Earlier today, I asked if anyone had any bacon cookie recipes and I got no response. I don't know if my tweeps just ignored me, or if the lack of response meant that no one had a recipe. I bet it's the latter :) Yeah, that's it.

Photo credit: Pete Bakes! (yeah, the link will take you to another bacon cookie recipe)

So for your gastronomical pleasure, I have complied a list of bacon delicacy delights (yes, including a bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe):

Vosges Haut Chocolate Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar
This is my favorite bacon chocolate bar from Vosges . I usually buy one of these once a week from my local Wegman's. They also makes it in milk chocolate if you don't like dark.

If you're in Las Vegas, check out the Double Down Saloon, Birthplace of the Bacon Martini. They infuse their own vodka with, you guessed it, bacon! If you don't care for martini's, you can always order a Bloody Mary made with their home brewed bacon vodka. The hubby and I paid homage there on our last trip to Vegas. Oh, and there's a Double Down in NYC too.

If you live in my neck of the woods (Northern Virginia), you must cheek out Simply Sweet on Main, located in Old Town Manassas. I recently discovered this little gem when I found out they served bacon lattes!! You'll find me writing here from time to time when I need my bacon coffee fix!

Now, for you bakers out there, NPR posted an article a few years back, Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts. Recipes for Chocolate-Bacon Peanut Bark, Maple-Apple-Bacon Cake, Chocolate-Chip-Bacon-Pecan Cookies, and Bacon Fudge are included in the article!!

And directly from The Daily Bacon, a recipe for Peanut Butter Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies!

So the next time someone asks if you know of any bacon cookie recipes, you can respond back!!

(Guess what I'll be baking this holiday weekend???)

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