Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve!

I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow. Normally, I'd already have all my Halloween decorations displayed all over the house, but I realized yesterday that I totally forgot! That seems to be the theme of my month... I think I've said this before, but where did October go? It's my favorite month and I just totally lost track of time.

On the writing front, I've gotten a few scenes written out and a few more written in my head. Perhaps I should have gotten the iPhone 4S, instead of the iPhone 4 (I did save about $100 though), so I could just dictate everything that's rummaging around in my head. I'm happy with my new phone regardless. I just uploaded the Pages app and can now do edits to my documents without having to lug my laptop around with me everywhere.

Sales for Parallel have been great. I'm not experiencing sales of epic proportions, but selling a few books a day is more than I could have ever imagined. Thanks to all of you who have supported me and enjoyed reading my story (don't forget to leave a review!!). Oh, and Parallel is now available for iBooks!!

As for Halloween, I don't hold out much hope this year. We didn't get any trick-o-treaters come to our house last year (they stopped coming a block before our house...I blame it on all the old neighbors that surround my end of the street), so I have nothing planned other than teaching night class. If any kids DO manage to come to our end of the street, well, they can have the candy we still have from last year. It doesn't go bad, does it??

And don't forget to check out my guest post on November 1, over at Karly Kirkpatrick's blog, where I discuss my thoughts on Dia de Los Muertos (although the holiday is actually celebrated on November 2nd. The 1st is Dia de Los Angelitos).


  1. I forgot to decorate too which is so unlike me. I honestly have no idea where the month went. One minute it was Oct 4th and's Halloween Eve. I rarely get trick or treat-ers (one in the 3 years I have lived here) and so I don't feel too bad. I guess I will just have to make up for it with Christmas decorations this year. Congrats on your writing, and book sales!

  2. This should be my motto for October... Where did the month go? I'm now staring at the long end of the the year and praying to God I get some writing done and do it faster, for goodness sakes.
    There is one good thing about kids... trick or treating. Not that we need extra candy around here, but it sure is fun taking kidlet out. He loves it soooo much! :)

  3. Claudia, I'm also searching for the missing month of October. Seems like the weeks went by so fast, and I have a few things to show for it, but still. I'd like the rest of the year to slow down a bit. I want to enjoy the holidays.

    Have a great week!

  4. The iphone sounds like a great frustration saver (not to mention being a lot lighter to carry). Wonderful on the sales, nice to gain validation. Have a great Halloween and week :)

  5. Now that they introduced iCloud, I think you'll find transferring files much easier with Pages on your iPhone. Congrats on your sales.

  6. Ha! No trick or treaters! My house is the place to come. My neighbors and I are the only ones in the neighborhood who decorate. They come in cars to come here (must see us on the schoolbus or something) They have to go past a life-sized with and walk through a hounted house before they get to our door. Yes, my husband is a NUT!!! But the kids love it.

  7. Update: We actually got trick-o-treaters this year!!! A whopping 15! Too bad I was teaching and missed all the cute little tykes in their costumes...

    Thanks for all your comments!!

  8. i dont think we really do haloween like you do - at least around here - kids do go around in some places and they do have parties for them

    well done on your week and all the best for coming week

  9. Claudia,

    I hate to admit it, but I can't remember if I sent you an email about the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List...If I did, please ignore my ramblings. ha!

    I'd like to put together a list featuring some great books to gift this holiday season, and then have fellow bloggers repost the original and then post a linky in their sidebar for the month of December - which will lead to the list. I'll have a separate page/post for the list - or have it stay at the top of my blog for the twelve days. I'll be asking each author to donate a copy (paperback or ebook) for a giveaway, too) I've put some feelers out and interest seems to be high. I though it would give newly published authors some great exposure during the gift buying season.

    If you are interested, please email me!

    Hope you are doing well, Claudia. Have a great week!


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