Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Columbus Day! It's happy because I don't have to go to work today. Well, I still plan on spending the day writing, which totally counts as work, but I get to do that in my pi's.

The hubby and I just got back from a great weekend camping and I totally forgot my Sunday check-in for ROW80, but I did get some writing done, so we'll leave it at that for now. I plan on getting a lot more writing done today to make up for this past weekend.

Week one of my blog tour is over and aside from one small kink along the way, every stop has been fabulous! Thanks all around to all the readers that chimed in, the wonderful hosts that kindly allowed me to stop at their blogs and for those that also posted reviews of Parallel. If you missed the first week of the tour, no worries! You still have two more weeks to stop in and win either an ebook or the grand prize giveaway! Don't forget I'll be at Kindle Fever today, discussing parallel universes.

Oh, I almost forgot! Before I left to go camping, I was able to get the print version of Parallel up on Amazon! So for those of you who wish to purchase it in paperback, it's now available. It hasn't linked up to my Kindle version yet, but I expect that to happen very soon by the good folks over at Amazon.

And lastly, there's only 6 days left for your chance to win over at Red Tash's Trick or Treat Bash. Grand Prize is a new Kindle (and by new, I mean one of the fancy newly released versions) and a library collection featuring some horror-fic authors (including me), 2nd Prize: a $25 Amazon gift card and a free copy of Red Tash's book, This Brilliant Darkness, and 3rd Prize: a $10 Amazon gift card and a copy of TBD. I'm in the middle of reading TBD and I'm totally intrigued so far!


  1. Thanks for playing Red’s Trick or Treat Bash! My fingers are crossed for the new kindle., Red sent me!

  2. Oooh, camping. I miss camping! Mr. Tash did six years in the Army and he says that was "enough camping forever." Maybe one day I'll convince him to at least try RV camping!

    Thanks for mentioning the giveaway again. I hope you enjoyed TBD. :) I have definitely been enjoying your blog tour posts.

    Hi, Deanna!

  3. I'm not much of a camper but I do love the outdoors. I went mountain hiking for the last time for the season a few weeks ago. I had to get a stepper to keep me motivated to exercise daily.

    Hope you are enjoying your book tour. I like both covers for Parallel.

    Red sent me.


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