Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sleep, Sickness, and Sales

Once again, I had every intention of posting my ROW80 progress on Sunday. Really. But instead, I decided to stay in bed all day after spending the previous two days organizing and cleaning for my hubby's 40th birthday party Saturday night. But even though I flaked on my update, I did get some writing in on Sunday (@500 words), inspired by the Stephen King marathon that was on all day.

Then, I got sick. Nothing major, but what I initially thought was strep is probably some sort of cold, so I stayed home from work yesterday and slept. Still sick today, but think I can scrounge up a few words before America Horror Story comes on later tonight.

On a brighter note, I broke 100 in ebook sales on Amazon this month! Meaning, this is the first month that I've actually sold that many within a month (last month was around 70). Yeah!

Next up, the promotion front. I've kinda let marketing and networking slide this month (still exhausted from my blog tour last month), but I've got some guest posts lined up for next month and I owe Teen Readers Diary a guest post this week (I got sidetracked by being sick). And on December 2nd, I'll be doing a very small book signing...Actually, it's more like I'm crashing my friends trunk show in order to hock my books - I have very nice friends.

AND I don't want to give away any details yet, BUT I have a very special Q&A post coming up soon, where I get to interview two of the most epic authors ever! Keep checking in!!


  1. Hooray for increased sales! Have fun with the interviews, and get well soon :)

  2. Well done with your book sales! That must feel great!

    Sorryyou have felt poorly, there seems to be so much going around and it can throw everything right off balance.

    Take care :)

  3. Yea Congratulations on the sales! Sorry you feel so bad, and I hope you feel better soon. Being sick totally sucks!


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