Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cheers to Writing and New Friends

It's happened amigos! I've finally gotten to the point in writing book 2 where the words just seem to flow. Since I'm a pantser and don't outline, I usually don't gain momentum until I've finished various key scenes. Yesterday, I was able to get in 4,889 words! Now that I have the important chapters out of the way, I think I'll be able to get more words in by the end of the month.

I could have squeezed in another 2k last night, but I spend the evening chatting with my new author friend, Martha Bourke, who's new YA book, Jaguar Sun, I can't wait to get my hands on! She has a whole new take on shapeshifters and the December 12, 2012 Mayan prophecy.

After meeting Martha, I came to the realization that I love what I do! Being a writer, you meet the most wonderful people and everyone goes out of their way to help each other out. Maybe it's just an indie thing, but it's refreshing to be in a profession where authors help out other authors. I guess that's why I love being a part of ROW80, it's not only a challenge, but a way for writers to support each other.

I hope everyone has a great writing week!


  1. Almost 5k words in one day = awesome! Good work, and good luck this week!

  2. Great job on your progress and word count. 5000K in one day is amazing. Have a great week!

  3. Good going. Love it when it flows. Jaguar sun sounds intriguing. will have to check it out. Cheer!

  4. Now that's some serious productivity! Great job!

  5. Wow, that is a kick-aces word count! And I love how you stopped to talk with a friend- I need to be reminded that breaks are ok. Jaguar Sun does sound fascinating- I admit I find the whole Mayan Calendar 2012 thing rather intriguing.

  6. Thanks everyone for the support! I've already gotten another 3k today :) Now I have to take a break to grade some papers.

    @Robin and @Vicki - I think the premise is awesome and I'm curious to see how Martha interpret the 2012 prophecy!


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