Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday News

I'm a little late on my update today, but I've been busy writing and researching. My word count isn't as great at last week's, but I've managed another 2k since Wednesday, which is actually pretty good considering how busy I was the last couple of days. I hope all my ROW80 writer pals had a great week!

In other news, I'm sure you've noticed the very cut pink badge on my blog, announcing Indie Author Month, hosted by book blogger LovelyLit, which runs the entire month of February. I'll keep you posted on what day my guest post will be featured. There'll be some great giveaways, so don't forget to check in all month! If you're an author and want to participate, just click on the badge.

On February 3rd, I'll be participating in Spread <3, Not Hate, hosted by authors K.M Parr and K.C. Neal, to speak out against bullying. So don't forget to check out my blog on February 3rd for my post. If you are an author, book reviewer, or have a blog, you can sign up to be part of the solution. Simply, click on the badge on my site for more info.

In fun news, our pug Guapo is going to be featured in an article for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! My hubby's cousin, Alicia Rheal, is a professional artist in Wisconsin and she's actually the one being featured. She'll be doing a work in progress of Guapo, as part of the piece. You can check our her website and awesome artwork here at Rheal Imagination (the pug portrait is of our other son, Gus). I'm not sure when it will come out, but hopefully the article will be online, so I can link it when it does!


  1. 2k is a very nice word count! Kudos to you. I love your pug's name. Doesn't that mean handsome in Spanish? Have a great ROW80 week! Here's to lots of progress!

  2. 2k since wednesday is great! Hope you have a super productive week and thank you for your comments concerning my ageing!

  3. @Julie - Thanks! And yes, Guapo means "handsome" in Spanish. He is a cutie bug :)

    @Em - Hope you had a great birthday!!


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