Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Update

Yes, I missed my update on Wednesday, but as many of you fellow ROW80'ers know, life gets in the way! I don't have much of an update today, but I did manage another 1,500 words since last Sunday. It's nowhere near my word count last week, but I hope to make up for that today and this coming week.

If you noticed, I did however post on Friday, as part of the Spread <3, Not Hate anti-bullying campaign. You can still see my post below, as well as the many other authors and book bloggers that participated.

On 2/7, I'll have a featured guest post on LovelyLit, celebrating Indie Author Month. Parallel will also be featured as the Book of the Day on 2/28. So, don't forget to stop in, as LovelyLit will be having some great giveaways. I'll be giving away 3 free copies of Parallel!! Here is a short list of some the indie authors participating in this event, with some great giveaways of their own:

Imogen Rose
Brenda Pandos
Martha Bourke
Michelle Muto
Angeline Kace
Keary Taylor
Michele Madow
Kira Saito

I hope everyone has a great ROW80 week!


  1. the blog on bullying more than makes up for small word count - 50+ years ago I was one of those victims and althought I learnt how not to be a victim - if I'm tired or ill I will still fall into a pothole of self loathing thought -instilled all those decades ago - it is a terrible thing to do to another - nowdays nmore and more people are speaking out against it and that is good - so thank you for your contribution

  2. Life does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? We do what we can.

    I'll have to check out the guest post on Tuesday. :)

  3. Congrats on being the featured author over at LovelyLit! That's great. I'll try to stop by.
    As for life getting in the happens. But you did manage to add those 1500 words, and that's something! Have a great week, Claudia.

  4. Life sure does get in the way sometimes! I can't work out if I love word coutns or if they are a necessary evil. 1,500 is great though.

    Sounds like you are a busy bee and I hope you have a great next week :)


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