Friday, March 9, 2012

My New Love...

I want to thank fellow writer Jessica Frische, who commented on my blog this past week and brought some much needed insight into my life: I can stream television shows/movies directly to my TV! When she told me that she hooks up her iPhone to her TV, I was like, "WHAT? I CAN DO THAT??" So, with a little bit of research, I decided that hooking up my iPhone wasn't an option (because I get too many calls that will interrupt my feed), so I dug a little further and discovered Roku. HUH? Yeah, I never heard of it until a few days ago.

It's the size of a hockey puck...seriously. 

My office TV doesn't have cable, or any channel for that matter, so I've been relying on DVD's. So, a quick trip to Best Buy and I can now stream Netflix to my TV! It took a few minutes to set up and now I can watch tons of shows while I'm busy writing. Right now in my queue, I have Buffy (my missing 3 & 4 seasons), Angel, Firefly, Heroes, Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Charmed...ALL SEASONS! (Think I have enough?)

Thanks again, Jessica, for rockin' my television viewing world.

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