Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PARADOX Sneak-Peak Trivia!

It's getting near the release date for PARADOX and I want to thank everyone who's expressed how anxious they are to read it! Trust me, I am just as excited!!

I really hoped to have it uploaded by tonight, but due to some formatting issues, it looks like it won't be until tomorrow. So in the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick trivia post:

Half of the chapters are entitled after a song. These should give you guys a clue as to what to expect!
Heart of Glass
Why Can't We Be Friends?
A Little Less Conversation
Gimme a Ticket for an Aeroplane
President Song
Weird Science
Viva Las Vegas
Basket Case
Somebody's Watching Me
Forever in Blue Jeans
If You Leave

One chapter is entitled The Modern Prometheus (a.k.a. Frankenstein) as Etta's father, Dr. Victor Fleming, shares the same first name as Frankenstein's creator, Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

One character is named after Charlene "Charlie" McGee (last name), in honor of Stephen King. 

Etta nicknames one of the characters Nurse Ratched, after One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

Back to the Future and The Terminator are referenced in the book. 

Etta gets her first passport and experiences her first airplane trip. 

There really is a Chocolate Lab at MIT.

(Ted, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for all your patience and help formatting PARADOX!!)

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