Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Up 7 Up?

Okay, bad rhyme, but it was the only title I could think of. Anyways, I have no updates/progress to report today, not to mention the fact that it's 8pm on Wednesday, so I'm way behind on my ROW80 update as it is. Regardless, I thought I'd do a post despite my lack of something to report.

Last week, my writer friend Em (you can find her at Loves to Read Wants to Write) tagged me in the 7 Facts Tag. Since I already did a 7 facts tag (which was really the Lucky 7 tag, but because I recently did the Lucky 7 tag, I did facts instead...ugh, so you see? What's up 7?) So, THIS time, instead of doing 7 facts about me (again), I thought I'd try 7 favorite paranormal TV/film. Please note: I use the term paranormal loosely.

Shows/Movies are in no particular order!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I'm sorry, but you cannot be a paranormal fan and NOT include Buffy.

2. Angel - One word. Spike.

3. House II (The Second Story) - I just think it's hilarious.

4. American Horror Story - Traditional Southern Gothic...only, set in L.A.

5. Ghostbusters - Try as I might, I'm still trying to find copy of the Tobin's Spirit Guide (yes, I know it's fictional).

6. Fringe - Three words. Dr. Walter. Bishop

7. Poltergeist - To this day I'm afraid of clowns.


  1. I totally agree--Buffy is a must for all paranormal fans. You're list has me thinking--imagine Spike, Buffy, the ghostbusters and Dr. Bishop over for tea, or beers. Talk about epic possibilities...

    1. LOL that would be hilarious...I hope I'd be invited to that :) But you'd have to include Jessica Lange's character from AHS. I'm sure she'd have a lot to contribute!


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