Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flooded With News

It's update time already! I hope all my ROW80 peeps have had a great week so far! For some reason, my Wednesday updates aren't as moments as my Sunday ones, so hear goes:

On the writing front, I've added 550 words to PARADIGM and 400 words on my short story. 

My basement is flooded again...we had more rain Monday and Tuesday. The plumber is supposed to come today, but I haven't heard from him yet. 

But my best news of the day is that I have found a new editor! I have been super stressed about the editing for PARADIGM and it's so hard to find a great editor. Yay! Trying to find someone isn't something you hold off 'til the last minute, so I am thrilled to have nailed down an awesome editor at this point in time. 

This afternoon, I'll leave the basement mess in the capable hands of my hubby as I go to meet up with my local writers group at my favorite coffee shop. Very excited to meet up with them, as I've only gotten to know them via our Facebook page. 

Oh and my new bookmarks are supposed to arrive today! Super excited to see how they came out. I'll post some pics on FB when they come in. 

That's it for today amigos...gotta get some writing done! And don't forget to check back on Friday, as I have a super fun giveaway to announce! 


  1. Yay! Always super excited to hear any news on Paradigm! :)

  2. Yay! I'm excited you're excited :) I've got a new nifty word count meter that tracks my everyone can see how I'm coming along!

  3. when will Paradigm be finished coz i really want to read it

    1. I hope to have it out by mid-late July!!

    2. Great! i'm so excited

  4. When is the third book coming ???? I just the finished the first two !!!!!! Now I don't know what to do !!!!!

  5. Just read above July !!! Lol sorry

  6. How many books do you think there will be?

  7. There'll definitely be four, but possibly five, depending on what happens!


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