Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid-Week Update

I know, I've been bad about my bi-weekly ROW80 check-in's, but this time I have a very good excuse! My parents were in town this past weekend, so I spent most of last week cleaning and enjoying the weekend with my folks.

My book signing on Sunday went pretty well, I had some interest from those wanting to know if my books were available in ebooks, which was great (yay!). I really didn't expect to sell very many, if at all, as I'm pretty realistic when it comes to signings, but I held it at my favorite coffee shop, so it wasn't a complete wast of time. I was more afraid my parents would be bored just sitting around than not selling any books, but fortunately, they went off and did the tourist thing while I sat, drank my weight in cafe mochas, and wrote (yeah, I used the time to write instead of drawing folks to my table). In those two hours, I pounded out another 1k and ironed out some of the kinks in PARADIGM.

Matt, the owner of Simply Sweet on Main, is one of my biggest supporters and a big thanks goes out to him for encouraging me to do a signing at his shop. 

My mom took this pic right before she and my dad took off sight seeing. Notice my laptop? 

So, while I wasn't expecting much, I did however, clean house at the signing. My uncle stopped by and bought four sets of PARALLEL and PARADIGM (that's 8 books yo!) for my cousins (so they wouldn't fight over signed copies), so all in all it was a successful event...even if it was a family member bought most of my inventory!

Now it's Wednesday and all the beautiful weather we had the last few days is behind us. Welcome heatwave! Just adding a side note on my writing progress...added another 2,500 to PARADIGM yesterday. YAY!!


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