Saturday, July 7, 2012


Or shall I say, Indiependence? In any event, I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July celebration! It was the perfect weather here in Northern Virginia to do nothing but stay in the pool all day and eat burnt hotdogs (just the way I like'em) and hamburgers.

Here's how we celebrated at Casa Lefeve this past Wednesday:

Yes, our fearless pug Gus wasn't to thrilled to take a dip in the pool. 
Neither was Guapo...but they had to stay cool! 
This was basically what I did the entire day. My arms were actually sore the next day from using the floaties! 

I did manage to read a bit and finally got a chance to read Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar. I couldn't have chosen a better book to read on Independence Day, as freedom was a central theme in the book...yeah, yeah, it had zombies too. I'm looking forward to reading Through the Killing Glass

On Thursday, I was fortunate enough to meet up with one of my favorite indie authors, Martha Bourke, for dinner.  We had so much fun catching up on book related stuff and I'm grateful she (and her hubby) took time out of their 12 hour road trip to stop by to hang out! 

Then on Friday, unDEAD DIXIE DEBS went live on Amazon! Yay! So for those of you that love shorts, along with some vamps, zombies, and overall southern hospitality, check it out! It should be up on Barnes and Noble and iTunes soon. 

And finally, my Goodreads Giveaway (a signed copy of PARALLEL) ended and I have two winners (out of 1100 entries)! Congrats go out to Idia and Felicia!! If you haven't picked it up yet, it's still FREE on Amazon, iTunes, and Wattpad...everyone's a winner! 

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