Friday, July 27, 2012

Paper or Tech? Let's get organized!

It's no secret I love technology. I'm practically glued to my iPhone and travel with my Mac 11' Air everywhere (it fits in my purse, yo!), and I make a decent living off ebooks. So, last year, I decided I would chunk my paper planner/agenda and use my nifty calendar features on my phone/laptop to organize everything: from bills, important dates, to word counts. 

And after almost a year, I decided I hate it. I'm still a paper kind of gal. This week alone I managed to triple book myself. The hubby and I made plans to go to Texas to visit the family (and spend time on the beach) in September and after I booked our flights and reserved our condo, I realized that I had plans to serve on a writing panel AND had RSVP's for a wedding that same weekend. I won't even go into all the deadlines I have for my writing. 

Thank goodness I had just ordered a new planner. It would have come in handy a few days before I made these plans, but nonetheless, I am happy to be able to write down things again. 

I'm a HUGE Lilly Pulitzer fan, so I ordered the large agenda. Yes, it's girly, but hey, I AM a girl! I even have the Lilly Pulitzer cover for my Kindle (you can see my review here under Claudia32), among other things. Anyways, I now have plenty of space to jot down everything for the next year and a half. 

Personally, I love a full month view so I can see everything all at once. This planner has two monthly calendars for each month, so I can reserve one for personal and one for writing. Yes, those are stickers. It also comes with a sheet of nifty stickers, which I LOVE. And notice my bookmark? As you can tell, I already have sticky notes on it for reminders! 

I'll probably use the daily calendar to keep track of my word counts. I currently use an app on my iPhone, but I don't really like it. 

I hope I'll get back to getting organized, now that I don't have to rely on tech calendars I rarely look at. Now, I gotta see about getting rid of some of those sticky notes and check them off my list! 


  1. I LOVE that planner. Gorgeous. I love LP, too. :)

    1. One of those stickies had your name on it and you also have a permanent entry in the August (writing) calendar LOL Now if only I can get my hands on some skull stickers!

  2. I'm a mix, for sure. I like my books digital and paper. I use the calendar on my wall in my kitchen like my mom always did. I write all my notes for my books in a wonder woman notebook. :)

    Cute organizer!

    1. The hubby made fun of all my stickers last night! But I bet he wouldn't if it was Wonder Woman!


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