Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's in my bag?

Finally started the second round of edits! Just a few more days now before I email PARADIGM to my faithful beta's! And just in time, as by this time tomorrow, I'll be on a flight to Texas!! YAY! The hubby and I will be going home to visit my folks, not to mention spending a few fun filled days on South Padre Island. So you can bet, I'll be reading on the beach and of course, doing some editing in-between waves.

So what does a writer take on a 3 hour (plus an extra 1 hour connecting) flight to Texas? I'm always fascinated by what folks lug in their carry-on bags. If you've ever scoped out any fashion blogs (What's in my bag?), you'll know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm just interested in human nature (are we all creatures of habit?) or perhaps I'm just a classic voyeur, taking a small glimpse into the lives of complete strangers (in my case, I'm completely turned on by acessories).

In any event, here's what I'll be lugging with me on my flight (in case you're curious like me):

1. Jon Hart Tote (this carries EVERYTHING!)
2. Furla handbag (when traveling, I like to take one purse that coordinates with any outfit)
3. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses
4. Jon Hart Chico cosmetic bag
5. Lilly Pulitzer agenda, recent issue of Southern Living, and my Kindle (Lilly Pulitzer cover), and my Chanel glasses (so I can read everything in that pile)
6. Lilly Pulitzer wallet
7. Bose headset (so I can watch episodes of Gossip Girls Season 5 on my iPhone)...not noise canceling, but they still rock!
8. Mac Air (yes, I plan on doing some writing/editing in-flight and while having fun in the sun)
9. Passport (my folks not only live near the island, but right on the border, so I never know if I'll need it)

Okay, I know this sounds like a blatant advertisement for goods (did I mention how much I love Lilly?), but I added the brands in case anyone's interested!!

On that note, I'm off amigos! I have one class to teach today, finish packing, and getting some more editing done before tomorrow! Happy reading and writing folks! (I'll try to post pics!)

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  1. You do like to keep your favorite stuff handy. I hope you get to post more pictures next time.


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