Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffin Hop News!

For those of you who know me personally, you know it's been one hell of a month so far and it's only the 10th of October. BUT it's a new week and I'm forever optimistic!

You'll be pleased to know that I have all of my beta reader feedback in and will be sending in my final draft for editing today/tomorrow!! That means I'm only a couple weeks away from publication folks!! 

But right now, I want to focus on other things on the horizon. Can we say, HALLOWEEN anyone? The hubby and I have taken advantage of the early halloween candy displays at Walmart and have already eaten several bags of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. That's not my news though.

Some have noticed a new button on my side bar. What's Coffin Hop, you might be asking... Well, it's the grand dame of all Halloween extravaganzas! It's a blog hop featuring some of the best in indie horror entertainment. The cool part is, I get to be a part of it!! 

Between October 24 - 31, there'll be giveaways, posts, prizes, hexes, and a lot of B-rated horror cheesiness! I'll post more info prior to the hop, but here's a little teaser of what's in store:

The Coffin Hop Anthology will be available next year, but there will be an official Collector's EP - Coffin Hop: Death By Drive-In. The collector's sample edition (okay, it's a sneak peek) will contain stories from Amy K. Marshall, Jessica McHugh, CW LaSart, and Red Tash. This edition will be offered for a limited time during Coffin Hop 2012! 

If you can't already tell, I'm super excited about this event. Not only is the story I submitted some of my best work (in my opinion of course), but I love celebrating Halloween, my birthday (which falls during Coffin Hop), and giving away prizes! I'll have a giveaway for every day of the hop and that's just a win for everyone! 

It's too late to submit to the anthology, but it's not too late to participate in Coffin Hop 2012! If you're a reader, check back for more info!! It's going to be one hell of a ride! 


  1. Congrats and on your book and best of luck!

    1. Thanks! It's finally live on Amazon today :)


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