Friday, January 25, 2013

It's a Snow Day, Back To Work

Well, things are finally back to normal here at Casa Lefeve. We are now down to one lab puppy (so happy Sadie finally found a great home) and taking care of Gertie is definitely easier than two! 

Gertie is taking a nap with her stuffed snake while I write. 

Now that I'm not running around after two pups (our pug Gus doesn't count since all he does is sleep), I am taking advantage of this dreary snowy weather and getting some writing done. I just love working during a winter snow, looking out the window and getting inspired by the scenery. 

The view from my office yesterday. It's actually starting to snow again as I write this post! 

On days like these, working from home definitely has it's advantages. No morning (or evening) commute, especially during days like today. I don't have to put in "unscheduled leave" during bad snow storms (not that there's a bad storm today), I can snuggle in my warm fleece p.j.'s, and make endless pots of coffee without having to share. 

Oh, and on a somewhat related note, I've been watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix (another self-employeed perk) and while I enjoy re-hashing the exploits of Dawson & Co., I am sooooo annoyed that they are using a different theme song! UGH! At first, I thought it would switch over to Paula Cole's  "I Don't Want to Wait," after a season or two, but no... as I get to the last season, I'm stuck listening to "Run Like Mad," by Jann Arden instead. Apparently it's some kind of Sony royalty issue with Netflix/DVD's. 

So, to get to the main point of this post, this week on the work/writing front, I've managed to finalize the audio files for PARALLEL (should be available early Feb), worked on my taxes (one thing about being self-employed that isn't desirable), did some edits on my current WIP, did research for PARAMETER, and scheduled a book blitz tour for February with the lovely ladies at Kismet Book Touring. 

That's all I have for now until I have something better to report other than the weather... 


  1. Is PARAMETER the fourth book in the Travelers series?

    1. Yes! Parameter will be book 4 in the series and the start of Volume II.

  2. When can I get Parameter on iTunes?


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