Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Almost Time!

Darkly Beings has been sent to editing and will be available soon! This is the part of the process where I hate to part with my book. What if I still need to write more? What if that scene sucks? What if my character could have said a particular line better? These are all the thoughts that run through my mind...

Fortunately, I other things to occupy my time while it's in Jeff's trusted hands. Eat. Sleep. Do Laundry. Finish lectures. More sleep. 

But in all seriousness, I am so honored to be able to bring this book to life. This book, unlike my other works, is a complete reflection of myself and my life growing up in South Texas (except of course for the paranormal elements). 

If you want a good idea of what's in store, check out my Darkly Beings pinterest page! I've got so many photos of all the places, foods, events that inspired the book. 

I tried to pin as many visuals so that my readers could get an idea of what things (concepts) look like in a particular scene. Some photos are the actual places mentioned in the book. 

And for you audio folks, here's the playlist. It's a little different than my usual mix (and love) of 80's rockin' tunes, but this playlist is comprised of songs I feel capture the book. There's a little of everything: Country, Indie, Tejano, Punk, Spanish, and even a little Zydeco. 

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