Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Holiday Cheer (Contest Winner Announced!)

I trust everyone had a great holiday weekend. I spent the entire weekend at my mother-in-law's eating cookies, enjoying eggs benedict two mornings in a row (did I mention my husband is a former chef?), watching the Star Wars trilogy, eating more cookies, losing at Trivial Pursuit (I still maintain that the Sphinx is part of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and not just the Pyramids), and reading several books on my new Kindle*.

Aside from spending a wonderful weekend in total gluttony, I am glad to finally be home and spent the last night of my Christmas vacation last night doing the exact same thing in my living room: lying on the couch reading yet another book (still eating cookies) and selecting the winner of the Holiday Contest!

And the (randomly selected) winner is........Erin!

So Erin, if you are reading my post today, please email me at claudia.lefeve [at] with you full name and contact info.

Thanks for everyone who entered and  hope to have some more contests/giveaways as I get closer to the publication date, so keep checking in!

*Okay, so I knew I was getting a Kindle for X-mas and I really wanted the Lilly Pulitzer cover which is designed to fit the B&N Nook. When I went to B&N last week and asked the sales lady if it was Kindle compatible she said no....Anyways, I went back last night and bought it anyway (it was no longer on sale) thinking I could always return it if it didn't fit. Well, guess what? It fit just fine! The bottom row of the keypad is slightly covered though, but I'm reading, not typing, so its not that big a deal to me. Take that, B&N saleslady!! 

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