Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joe Knows

Well, I spent Monday back at work at my full-time job, after the four day holiday weekend. Fortunately, I only had to work the one day and took the rest of this week off to entertain friends....since I was getting Thursday and Friday off anyways, I figured I might as well take Tues and Wed off too...

So after my house guests left this morning (which left me sad over their brief stay), I spent the day writing away, as my lazy pugs slept idly at my side. Then I receive a tweet from the patron saint of self-publishing himself, J.A. Konrath, about his blog post for the day, You Should Self-Publish. After reading the post, I immediately read previous post, A Bedtime Story (I don't know how I missed that one) told from a third person perspective.

And last Sunday, I read and was equally inspired by Amanda Hocking's blog post, How Everything Went the Opposite of What I'd Been Told.

I would hope that I never have to justify myself to others that think I'm crazy for going the self-publish route. But if I was ever in doubt, I just have to remind myself that there are other self-published authors who are out there making it happen.

Other than my time, there is no monetary investment involved with me taking a chance. I now have the opportunity to tell a story and actually become what I've always imagined I'd be: a writer.

To be honest, I've always been embarrassed to tell my friends and family (I still don't think my husband fully understands why I spend my nights writing every night), but now I just don't care. I realized that if I could succeed in the government, corporate, and non-profit sector and complete two Master's degrees, I shouldn't be ashamed to tell people that I'm going to try my hand at becoming a writer.

I have no idea if my books will sell or if I even have the talent...but you can bet I'll keep on writing. One of these days I'll fullfill my life long dream of working for myself.

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