Saturday, January 1, 2011

Glad You've Finally Arrived

It's now 2011 and I couldn't be more excited. This is the year I plan on publishing my book (and hopefully several others) and begin working on making a career out of my writing...even if I don't ever quit my day job.

Normally, I write and edit in the living room watching television, but I decided it was high time I take this seriously and finally convert one of my spare rooms into an office. So yesterday I hightailed it to the antique store (that's where I shop for furniture) and immediately found my desk (for under $60)! Browsing a bit more in the store, I also found a cork board  which is exactly what I wanted (I was planning on going to Target)!

Yes, it's an old sewing table...the room is too small for anything larger and I have to admit, the foot petal totally rocks! I also put in our combo tv/dvd player so that I can still have the tube in the background as I work...right now I popped in Buffy Season 5 (Joss Whedon inspires me).

Now I can write away reminding myself that all of this will be worth it (working three "jobs")  so that one day I can retire drinking pina coladas on the beach.

So once Heir is published and I finally get readers on this blog who are going through my archive of blog posts, you now have the opportunity to see where I work :)

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