Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not One, but Two...and an Interview

It's been a great week so far and it's only Tuesday! First off, two great reviews for The Fury.

What Heather at Bewitched Bookworms had to say: "The Fury is an enjoyable read, full of emotion and accurate details of what a small town can be like."

What Stacey at See Spot Read had to say: "If I had to give a description I'd say "think Friday Night Lights meets the Twilight Zone"." 

Not only that, but I did my first online interview over at What Passes for Sane on a Crazy Day.

What a great way to end the last week of sales benefiting Pandora's Project.


  1. It was well written, that's why its getting great reviews! And the interview was fun!


  2. Very cool! Great interview, BTW. It was nice to get some of the back story behind The Fury. :)

  3. Thanks ya'll for your support and encouraging words!!


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