Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I Did and Didn't Do

For some reason, I haven't been able to get my days straight this week. I thought my hair appointment was for Tues (it was Wed), I thought the gutter folks were coming on Tues (it's actually today), and I thought I had to turn in final grades today (nope, it was yesterday)!

So last night, I spent five hours grading final exams, averaging and entering grades before the midnight deadline. I was so jubilant on Monday when I gave the last final, I totally forgot about having to grade them! The upshot is, I don't have to work late Monday nights and I can sleep in Saturday mornings until next semester. Oh yea, and I have more time to write!

That being said, I got absolutely NO writing done since Sunday. I did manage to finalize the last chapters and did a backwards outline (which I swear works). So I did get something done.

Of course I can't blame my schedule for my lack of focus this week. As usual, a few books got in the way. This is what I've really been up to the last few days...

I picked up both of Kate Copeseeley's books. Compis reminded me a little of The Giver and Six Keys was a great mystery mixed with local folklore and witchery. Must read more...

Right now, I'm in the process of begging Kate to let me beta read her next books.

I also discovered a new indie author, Sarra Cannon. Sure enough, when I like an author, I have to read everything they've put out all at once. So I spent Monday and Tuesday reading the Peachville High Demons series. The fourth book, Shadow Demons, will be out later this month (I think/hope!).


  1. Thanks for the mention. :) I'm a quarter of the way through Aeris, the second book, right now, but when I'm through, I might just give you an ARC for saying such nice things!

  2. You deserve a break after finals - don't fret about not writing this week! Take some time to enjoy yourself! Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting, especially for the blog love and the encouraging words. Maybe we can #wordmongering together when things slow down for you!

  3. Kate - hoping around like a kid that has to pee...that means I'm anxiously waiting :)

    Tiffany - I love reading your blog! Sometimes it makes me homesick when you mention Texas. You'll have to tell me more about #wordmongering

  4. you are a speed reading demon. Yay you for being done with school (laughing at the grading - i have nightmares about blowing deadlines like that!!) and btw - six keys sounds WAY cool - how do I get my hands on it?

    And speaking of things I want to get my hands on - any chapters ready for me? ;-) Take care!

  5. I am! I'm almost 2 books down today, even though I've been sick and napping all day.

    Just click on the book and it will take you to Amazon. Kate is a great writer and this book is right up your alley :)

    I do have a some chapters if you want to take a look at. I'll email you tomorrow!


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