Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work, Excuses, and Sin City

I've been a very bad sponsor again for not posting an update on Sunday. I had to work most of the weekend, which left me little time for other household duties.

And I won't have an update this coming Sunday either. I'll be in Las Vegas!! My little sister is turning 30, so the family is headed to Sin City! So while I won't be writing or updating, I will of course be reading, thanks to a 6 hour flight each way. Here's what I've loaded onto Kindle in preparation for the trip:

Ethereal by Addison Moore

Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams


Promise and Purpose by Kristie Cook

If you have any other recommendations, let me know! I can always upload a few more for the trip :)

As for my ROW80 Update:

Thursday - Did get some writing done on Heir. Not as much as I wanted, but enough to get through a sticky scene.

Friday - Worked a bit on my other WIP. Glad I decided to continue working on it!

Saturday - Had to work all day, then napped.

Sunday - Planted all day. Aren't my peonies beautiful???

Monday - Thankfully, my goal is to just write everyday with no word counts. I did some editing and managed to write a bit more scenes for Heir.

Tuesday - Packed for my trip to Vegas.

All in all, a poor ROW80 showing this past week. Maybe I'll have better luck in Vegas!


  1. I've heard that Cold Faith and Zombies - for the Kindle - is on track to become one of this year's best books my mom refuses to read.

  2. You don't sound like you're doing THAT badly - and at least you have excuses (and some pretty flowers to show for it). I'm probably doing worse and don't :-S
    Have fun in Vegas!

  3. Your flowers are so pretty! The most I plant in the way of flowers is marigolds, because they help keep the bugs away from my veggies. :)
    Sorry you had to work, but at least you get this weekend off. Have fun in Vegas!

  4. Sean - I just purchased it! I was a bit hesitant, but the review from the dude at Donut Hut swayed my decision :)

    Newtowriting - Thanks!

    Kate - Planting is new to me. I check them every morning and afternoon (the slugs keep getting to them!)

  5. Pay extra attention to the sinning when you get to Vegas. I'll bet you'll have a whole new book worked out by the time you get back. Have fun!

  6. One complaint only about our townhome - it's one of the nicest models in town but peonies are Not An Option. I grew up with peonies and lilacs in our yard and miss it dreadfully. Sorry the progress is slowing a bit, but I am not sorry you have peonies and Not sorry you are on vacation!!! have a wonderful time!


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