Thursday, June 2, 2011

On Being Late and Lazy

Yes, I realize my ROW80 update is late. Again. I swear, I am never this late in my everyday life. But then again, my blog IS a part of my life, so perhaps I need to reevaluate that statement.

My fabulous weekend in Vegas came to an end Monday night, so I don't have much of an update. I stayed home Tuesday to recoup from my trip (not to mention the three our time difference) and trust me, I TRIED to get some writing done, but it was so HOT and of course, our a/c is busted, so I spent the day lounging by the pool instead. Yesterday was no better, but I did manage to get some editing done until my laptop got too hot for me to work with.

But now that the weather has cooled off a bit today, I will be catching up on some much needed writing. I have a few new ideas for a possible prequel to The Fury (you guys keep asking for one) and right now I'm stuck with the setting. I can't decide on London, NYC or LA. Erin will be the focus, as she has an interesting story to tell.

And for those that are wondering...I won $170 playing nickel slots, it was cold and windy our second day there, and I now know that anything over two bottles of Champagne is too much.


  1. Sounds lie you had a blast! Everyone needs to let off a little steam now and then.

  2. There is something terribly wrong with a world where Las Vegas is cooler than the East Coast! But welcome back anyway! Hope it gets fixed soon. Or cools off.

  3. Hey, you've got fans asking for more. Isn't that a great problem?

  4. Glad you had a great time! I've blown off most of my week too. But we'll both make it up.

    Can't wait for that prequel! Pick London, pick London!!



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