Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Office Space

There's nothing like several hours of hard labor in order to spur up some much needed motivation. I spent half the day yesterday finishing up the backyard (I still had to pick up fall leaves, okay?) and what can I say? In just four hours I managed to finish repotting my hibiscus trees and transformed my leaf infested yard into a relaxing haven, resulting in a outdoor office.

Now, I bought this wicker set on the cheap ($50 for the whole shebang) and thought it would make a great writing area out on the deck. Well, I finally plunked down and started writing last night and realized that the chairs aren't very comfortable to write in (the arm rests get in the way if I sit all the way back). I'm actually writing this post from said wicker chair and I am trying my damnest to make this work!

See my hibiscus? I've got yellow, pink, and red. Being from South Texas, my knowledge of plants extends only to tropical ones. Too bad I can't actually plant them. Now, I've posted on my other gardening endeavors (hydrangeas, peonies, etc.) and with those varieties, I spent more time on google trying to figure out how to prune and water them than I did actually planting them!

So once I finished up with the backyard, I decided to relax and enjoy a good book poolside. I wasn't sure what I had currently on my Kindle, but I was happy to find that I had Seed by Ania Ahlborn. This is her debut novel and I absolutely loved it. It reminded me a bit of Amityville Horror, only better. A great horror novel with Southern flair. And check out her blog, it is highly informative and hilarious.

Now for my fellow ROW80's, I didn't waste ALL my time on hard labor and relaxation. I actually managed to get some writing done. Like I said, nothing like a great office space to get the creative juices flowing!


When I last left you, I had managed once again to have excuses for putting my writing on the back burner (albeit only a few days).

Thursday - I realized that The Fury wasn't finished. Encouraged by readers, I decided to do a prequel. I spent Thursday afternoon coming up with a draft outline and will be working on that inbetween other projects. And for those who read my last post, I decided Erin's story takes place in 19th Century London, England.

Friday - Finalized some more scenes for Heir. It is slowly but surely coming along.

Saturday - Worked on some more scenes for Heir. I really hope to have the first draft finished by the end of the month.

Sunday - Aside from my goal of writing everyday, I also had a goal of promoting The Fury. Well, this morning (I've been up since 5am, don't ask me why) I decided to work on my website (, adding some reviews and more information on upcoming projects. Let me know what you think! I also plan on getting in some more done on Heir. I need to finish this already!

PS: Looks are deceiving! Our cheap house in the boonies just happens to have a pool, but our deck is falling apart and we still don't have our a/c fixed because we can't afford $4,000 to get a new one! But if 6,000+ people purchase The Fury, they'd really be helping me out :)


  1. well sweeping garden - rlaxing by pool and writing! - how productive can it get - might check out that book you read - and I will buy yours if you explain what the money is for 'a/c?'not sure!!!!

    keep smiling

  2. Definitely check out Seed. I read it in one sitting. As for my little joke, our air conditioning (a/c) is dead. But don't feel compelled to buy it just because I'm sweaty :)

  3. Your backyard looks fabulous. I hate yardwork and it hates me. I do sympathize with the broken a/c, ours freezes up at least twice every summer thanks to the humidity here. I hate to be sweaty, it makes me cranky.

    I'm definitely going to buy Seed. I've read so many good reviews of it.

    Yay for 19th century London! Love it!


  4. No AC sucks. Here in Cali, land of the hot weather(most of the time), you'd think they'd make it more of a priority, but there are houses all over our town that have no AC. Our own house, when we bought it had no heat or air. I totally understand putting it off, because we paid close to $9000 to get that system replaced.
    Love your furniture. Can't wait to read Heir.

  5. Claudia,
    I just looked at your webpage, and I think it is terrific! The cover for 'The Fury' is fantastic, too.
    Previously from southern Virginia - Newport News - (now transplanted up into northeastern PA), I can firmly state that being without air in that climate would certainly be unpleasant. Now, I'm lucky if I can get weather hot enough to want to swim. (I'm one of those sickies that love 90 degree weather...what can I say, it must be the Mediterranean heritage)
    Good luck selling your 6000 copies! I have only boys at home now, but I'll pass on a email to my daughters (21 & 19 yrs. old) about your novella. ~ Nadja

  6. Thanks for the sympathy :) We had record highs last week (97), but the last couple of days have been cool at night...we are going back to the 90's by the end of the week!

    And I appreciate those who took my little joke about making sales for a new unit to heart :) I just need to keep writing and adding more books!

  7. I have fantasies about getting a laptop so I can go outside and work. I like the look of your space...too bad it's not as comfortable as it looks.

    Great progress! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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