Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This has definitely started out to be a word bangin' week! I am near the finish line with Heir and it has certainly motivated me to finish it already! I am really hoping to wrap it up by the end of the month, before my long awaited, much deserved, beach vacation (where I'll be editing with my feet in the sand), which pretty much coincides with the end of Round 2 of ROW80. I'm really shooting for an August release date so that I can finish up some of my other writing projects. Keep your fingers crossed!

I know...this update is strange coming from the Queen of the Slackers :)


  1. Claudia ~ That's great to hear. I'm green with envy at the thought of editing with feet in sand while feeling the cool ocean's makes me long to return to Virginia. Enjoy that vacation, and remember a poor girl in NE Pennsylvania..... take a dip for me. ~ Nadja

  2. Wow! That's great news. And editing at the beach...dreamy! I can't wait until the day I get to the editing point (am I really saying that?).

  3. Empress Slacker here. We would like to have some new reading materials. We would like them soon, they would go a long way towards reminding us to get our Royal Bottom in Gear! ;-)

  4. Nadja - Even though VA Beach is closer, we'll actually be going to the Outerbanks! We usually go once a year to this great campsite in Rodanthe (yea, like the movie). We have a pop-up trailer we lug along w/ the pugs.

    Michelle - Well, that's the hope!

    Shari - I will actually have something for you very soon!!

  5. Oh, boy! Can't wait to see how Heir ended up!!! I am pretty excited. I just hit 50,000 words in Aeris and my midpoint is only a few sections away. Yay!


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