Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Folklore and Footloose

With a self-imposed deadline looming ahead, I've been writing like crazy and needless to say, I've got paranormal on the forefront of my brain. Maybe that's why I think I'm psychic. You see, my character Etta, has both active and passive psionic abilities. She has the ability of telekinesis and telepathy (among other gifts). Perhaps I'm projecting a bit of her powers onto myself.

Growing up, my mom would tell me stories on how the female line in our family has psychic abilities. Now, I never met any relatives that were actually psychic...apparently this gift comes with certain rules and if you break them you can't be psychic. I've always chalked it up to old wives tales, but according to my mom, it's a family fact (so it must be true).

Here's why I think I might have dismissed her stories a bit prematurely. When we were in Vegas last week, the hubby and I hung out in the lounge bar listening to a band that played mostly oldies (Elvis, Frank Sinatra, etc.), with some modern favorites thrown in the mix. By the end of the evening, I really wanted to hear Footloose (don't ask). My hubby didn't think they'd play Kenny Loggins, so he discouraged me from requesting it.

And what did the band play next, you might wonder...Footloose! The band leader asked who had requested it and I just sat there thinking, I did. In my head! Not two seconds after the song ended, the hubby and I made a mad dash to the roulette table and I put $20 on black. I lost.

Maybe I'm not psychic after all, but I will always continue to request songs in my head and keep my money where it my wallet.


  1. So funny! Maybe it's a combination of being a right brain & paranormal writer, because I've had similiar things happen. But then again, maybe it's just my overactive imagination!

    Good luck meeting your deadline.

  2. It's probably my imagination running lose into reality, but I'd like to think that I could be psychic :)

    There was another time a few months back where I mentioned to my husband that I should write about the chupacabra and he's like "no one cares about the chupacabra." He then flips the channel to watch Monster's about the chupacabra! hahaha

  3. :-D if only you had channeled your heroine a little bit longer...

  4. I've actually thought I was empathic, because sometimes I've sensed someone's emotions, even though there were no indicators except my instincts.

    And what a great talent, the ability to project songs into people's minds! :)

  5. I can tell people are pregnant before they even know. This is not always a good thing.

    I also know when the phone will ring before it actually does. It doesn't work with texts though. I wonder why?

    Good Luck with that deadline!


  6. Thanks for sharing guys! I think we all have the ability for certain gifts...maybe it gets stunted when we grow up??

  7. Funny! I got the same story told to me when I was growing up! Apparently if you broke the rules you'd lose your powers, like, using your psychic ability to get the numbers for the lottery. Stuff like that.

    I still like to play around with the thought though!

  8. Robin - if you were told the same thing I was, then it must be true!


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