Monday, July 4, 2011

Camping, Writing, ROW80

Greetings from The Outer Banks (NC)! I hope everyone is having a blast this Fourth of July weekend! The hubby, pugs, and I have spent the last five days at the beach and in-between fun and sun, I’ve actually managed to write, read, and post my goals for Round 3 of ROW80.

Before I get to my goals for this round, I wanted to share some pictures of our trip. Some may scoff and turn their noses, but we actually camp when we come to the OBX. Our little pop-up rocks and we always meet the most interesting folks while camping. Last night we were treated to a seafood extravaganza hosted by a fellow camper and ended the evening with s’mores while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, using a projector with the side of an RV serving as our screen. Tonight, we are going to spend the 4th devouring venison burgers with my sister-in-law and her friends who rented a beach house just down the road from us (her boyfriend claims our pop-up is nicer than their rental).

Notice the skulls? We actually have a Jolly Roger flag and skull lights that hang from the awning, but we had to take them down due to the high winds today.

The hubby chillin' with the pugs on the beach.

Patiently waiting for the internet to pick back up as I write this post. It's taken me two hours!

Okay, I'm done messing with the wireless connection here at the campground, so excuse any typos, grammatical errors, etc. Time to make a sandwich and relax on our last day here. Have a great holiday and ya'll will be hearing from me soon!

Now for my Round 3 ROW80 Goals...

1. Write everyday. This is a goal I have kept since Round 1 of ROW80 and I found this to be a must have goal, especially if you want to keep publishing books. I don’t set word limits, but writing everyday keeps me disciplined enough to get me to the finish line.
2. Finish PARALLEL. I have two chapters left, one last push for final edits, and send to beta readers. I’m still keeping my deadline of an August publication date.
3. Work on prequel to THE FURY. I have already started on the first and final scene and I hope to have a good draft done by the end of this round. I hope to have at least 15,000 words for this novella.
4. Start Book 2 of the Traveler Series. I have already begun a very minor outline to guide me in the last couple of chapters of PARALLEL.
5. Promote PARALLEL. I would like to do a blog tour sometime in September and have already checked out some blog tour promotion sites.
As long as I stay focused on Goal #1, everything else will all come in to play.


  1. well you sound determined enough - so go get em girl!!! The 1st is essential I think although I don't always get to write every day I reckon its a good 99% and even if it turns out to need deleating next day I agree it's the discipline it engenders thats important - and of course those wonderful nuggets of pure gold!!

  2. The camping looks amazing - glad you're having a great time. Good luck with your goals this round!

  3. good luck on your goals for this round! I try to keep to your first goal, except I take the weekends off(although I sometimes cheat and sneak in some writing then too).

  4. Your goals are good. I may need to adjust mine a little bit. This is my first RoW80 challenge so I'm still working mine out. Good luck with the challenge :)

  5. Sometimes the simplest goals are the most effective. Sounds like you've got things well in hand. Good luck this week! :0)

  6. Good luck, those are some great goals!!!

  7. Camping at the beach sounds like a wonderful idea...and looked like a lot of fun!

    Great goals, and as you said, goal #1 is the big one! :)

  8. Those are great goals, and look at you being productive on vacation :)! Looks like it was a fun trip.

  9. You look much cooler over there then we are over here. Hot, hot, hot and thankful for my AC today!!!

    Good luck with this round!


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