Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Okay, So I Lied...

I know I promised an update on Sunday, but I was enjoying my four day weekend so much, I kinda forgot. Not that I had much to report. I did get a lot of writing done and I'm happy to say that book 2 is starting to take shape, or rather, it's starting to read more like a book than just random scenes and notes.

By the time I returned to work on Monday, I was pleasantly surprised to have several of my co-workers tell me how much their daughter's enjoyed Parallel (guess their kids got in some reading time over the long weekend) and had another colleague bombard me with questions about book 2 (she said it's not every day she gets to ask an author questions).

So while I'm still grinning from all the kudos, I am going back to writing a few scenes before American Horror Story comes on tonight. I think I'm more obsessed with the house (and Jessica Lange) than the actual show. Seriously, folks, I would buy that house if I could.

Oh, I hope to have some photos up this weekend from my first book signing in Old Town Alexandria on Friday. It's nothing major, but maybe I can finally get some new photos (i.e. author pics) up, seeing that I'm no longer blond...that was soooo two years ago!


  1. The kudos have to feel awesome :)

  2. Honestly, you can't get a better day than that. Validation of your hard work is always awesome!

  3. That seriously had to feel good! Enjoy it- you worked hard for it. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on book 2 as well.

    I'm also in love with the house on American Horror Story. Such a beautiful example of the Craftsman style. Those ghosts are very bothersome though. I might be able to handle the maid, but the rest have got to go.


  4. Oh yay! I love it when people appreciate your book as much as I do. Can't wait to read #2!!!


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