Friday, February 24, 2012

PARADOX Cover Reveal!

I was going to wait until March 1st to unveil the cover design for PARADOX, but I can't help it! I just got the files back from Robin Ludwig Designs yesterday and couldn't wait to post the cover! I'm really bad about keeping things a secret, so, without further ado:

Yes, it looks very similar to PARALLEL, but I wanted to keep with the theme of the series. But if you look closely, you notice that while the PARALLEL cover features a notebook, this cover is based on a passport design. Etta does a bit of 'traveling' in book two, so I wanted to make sure that's reflected in the cover. 

Can you guess some of the places Etta travels to? 

And with a new cover, comes the blurb. This is always the hardest things about writing...coming up with the dreaded blurb. I had planned on taking my time on this, but once I started working with Robin on the cover design, I realized I needed to come up with a blurb, quick! 

Everything is predestined.

Etta is slowly readjusting to life in her new reality, while still recovering from the shock over the news regarding her relationship with Cooper.

While learning more about her role as leader of the Council, she soon discovers that her future is linked to the five extraordinary individuals she must recruit in order to ensure her safety.

Nothing is at it seems, as rivals become allies and friends become the enemy. 

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Have a great weekend y'all!! 


  1. Love the cover, Claudia! It ties in so well with the redesign for Parallel....just lovely. We're fast approaching the big day for our next releases...hope your build-up is going smoothly.

  2. Thanks Nadja! I know, right? It can't get here fast enough, as I'm sure you know :)

  3. I LOVE IT! Love, love love! I have no idea why this post arrived in my e-mail so late. But it's fantastic. I'm almost done the first book and I can't wait for Paradox! :)

    1. It was much faster to come up with the cover as I went off book 1 and had most of the image elements to give my cover artist!


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