Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ROW80 Check-In

I seriously thought yesterday was Wednesday, and started to post my weekly check-in. I realized that I didn't have much to report, and that's because it was actually Tuesday. So now that I'm on the right date, I can get down to business.

Since Sunday, I've manage to get in another 1,400 words in for PARADOX. I spend a lot of that time doing some editing as I wrote, thus the low word count. But then again, I tend to have a better writing stride during the end of the week.

Yesterday, I contacted my cover artist, the fab Robin Ludwig, and she is now working on the cover for PARADOX. Yay! I already feel as if I'm at the finish line...just need a few more laps to go before book 2 is out!

Another reason I slacked on writing was due to my friend Martha Bourke. I began reading her YA paranormal debut, Jaguar Sun, yesterday and I spent almost the entire day reading it. There's definitely a new sheriff in town and her name is Martha. If you haven't checked out her book, stop reading and pick it up now!

I'm trying to get Martha involved in Round 2 of ROW80, so make sure to show her some blog love to show her how awesome we are at supporting writers!

I hope everyone has a great writing week and I look forward to seeing all your progress! And for you Catholics out there, Happy (does one say 'Happy'?) Ash Wednesday and don't forget it's fish on Friday's from now until Easter! (Once again, I'm a bit disappointed by the new McDonald's fish sandwich commercials this year. I miss the singing fish.)


  1. Great progress, Claudia! Can't wait to see the cover for PARADOX:)

  2. Congrats on the progress! I've been off a day thanks to Monday - my son was home because the university was closed. I'm still skeptical on what today is, lol.

    Yay for gorgeous covers, and I'll have to check out Jaguar Sun!

  3. @Stacey - Thanks! I hope to have the cover reveal next week :)

    @Marie - Lucky! But I can't complain, I only "work" 3 days a week! Not including writing. If you like YA, you'll love JS.

  4. Sounds like you're making strides toward finishing that book! By the way, I love how this blog is evolving...I think your new cover and your new banner give me a better feel for who you are. Nice job!

    1. Thanks! I struggled with the banner (did I want to make it more bookish/author related or have it reflect my personality...I went with 'me'. I love skulls and all things vintage).


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