Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Blog love!

Thought I'd share two new reviews that were posted this week. I can't tell you how motivating that is when finishing up the second book in the series! Yay!

Forbidden Passion Reviews
"I think this first time author did a great job of creating a refreshing YA novel that is not like anything that I have read before. I want to give snaps to Claudia Lefeve for stepping out of the ordinary YA genre."

Walking on Bookshelves
"I'd like to start off by saying that I've never been particularly fond of books about time travel. The Time Traveler's Wife left a bad taste in my mouth. This book however, has made a huge difference in my opinion."

If you have a chance, check out these great book bloggers. Jeannette over at Walking on Bookshelves will be part of a giveaway hop on Friday (Feb. 24). And if you are an author, you might want to stop by, follow, and say "hi". Remember, book bloggers our our friends!

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