Sunday, February 12, 2012

ROW80 Update

I hope everyone had a great ROW80 week! I have finally gotten to the point in PARADOX where I feel pretty good about my draft and can expect to start editing next week before I send it off to my beta's and editor! Yay! I dragged a bit on word count during the week, but I rallied and got in a whopping 4k yesterday (5k total for the week).

As I finish up the final draft, I realized I am psyched about PARADOX and I hope that my readers will enjoy the second book in the series. I already have an outline (in my head of course, I'm a pantser) for book 3! For those that are ready for PARADOX to be released, I promise it will be soon!

In other news, we had a touch of snow yesterday and I'm a bit disappointed we haven't had a really good snow in Northern Virginia yet. I am looking forward to a good snow day so I can snuggle up on the couch and finish up book 2 with my pugs snuggled up against me and a steaming cup of coffee.

That's all I got today folks. Have to get up off my bum and clean up the house. I am entertaining some folks later this afternoon and I'm really looking forward to that. Yummy brunch, complete with mimosas!


  1. I'll send you pir snow shall I? the fire bit is good I was curled in front of a fire with a good book yesterday with the cat curled up next to me

    good work this week - so keep smiling and all the best for next week

  2. Congrats, Claudia! Glad to hear you've finished Paradox. Now the editing... Ha! Do you have a publish date goal in mind? Are you thinking this spring?

  3. OMG!!! I'm so freaking excited!!! I didn't realize you were that far already! :)

    Good luck, I know it's going to be FAB.

  4. Congrats on Paradox! Good luck with the editing and publishing process.

    In Dec 2010 and January 2011, we had two really good snows. This winter? Nothing. I wanted one good snow! Unfortunately, all the cold weather gave us sunny days, the warm weather, rain.

  5. @alberta - yes! send me snow :)

    #Nadja - Well, it's not finished quite yet, but I anticipate it going for final edits in the next week or two (I edit as I write, so I usually go from draft to final edits).

    @Kate - Yay! You know I'll be emailing you soon!

    @Lauralynn - Thanks! And we had some pretty bad snow the last few years, but this year, nada! Except for rain...

  6. Congratulations... It must feel so good to be near the end!

  7. I wish I could get 5k a week. Hey, I agree, I am ready for more than just a dusting of snow, I want to slide down a hill and then drink hot chocolate!


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