Friday, February 10, 2012

Save Fringe!

Okay, so I figured I'd do something different today on my blog and share one of my favorite shows this season. I'm a self-professed TV junkie, so why not highlight not only my favorite, but why it's important to watch!

If you're not watching FRINGE, you need to clear all your plans for tonight at watch. I'll admit, I didn't get into it until last season, but once I did, I no longer make plans on Friday nights!

One of the reasons I love the show so much is due in part to Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble). He's quirky, mad, and brilliant. Walternate (the alternate reality version of Walter) is not so cuddly, but I think we can all agree Walter steals the scene.

If you were a fan of Dawson's Creek, well, it's Pacey all grown up! Walter's son, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) is another reason to watch. How can you argue with sexy intelligence?

This season also brought us a new timeline with Agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gable). He is much more reserved and well, geekier than his alternate counterpart (Captain Lincoln Lee) in the alternate reality. How hot is he with his Clark Kent glasses and gun?

Okay, this is shaping up to be more of a post about the 'Men of Fringe' than a reason why the show is so great. But trust me, this is one of J.J. Abrams finest shows to date. It has a mix of everything that is required for prime television viewing. Tiffany A White's Ooo Factor has a great review on the show if you want a quick run through of the show's premise.

And unfortunately, it is in danger of cancellation...not because of it's poor ratings, but because it's an expensive show and they're losing money. Already deemed a cult hit among views, the rumor mill already has us anticipating the worse: no Season 5 = no resolution.

So how can we, the fans help? Watch the show LIVE! Yes, I know, it airs Friday nights, but DVR'ing the show isn't as powerful, so here's an easy solution, if absolutely have to go out, keep the TV on while you DVR. Watching something else? Keep it on live on another TV set during the show.

Another way to help is by participating in the twitter campaign. Each Friday there is different hashtag (#) to get Fringe trending. Tonight's is #breakingout. Hashtags are to be used starting 8pm EST and again 8pm PST (to increase the chance of trending).

If you want more info on how to keep our beloved show, go over to More Than One of Everything, it does a better job of explaining this than I ever could.

For more about the show, check out the Wiki's FringePedia page.


  1. Hashtags and watch live...I will do my very best! Thanks for the link love and let's save Fringe!

  2. Replies
    1. Okay, that sounds like I'm on the show. Not what I meant. Ha!

  3. @Tiffany - Yay! Thanks for the RT :)

    @Stacey - I knew what you meant! LOL


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