Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review Love

Today I've set aside the entire day to tighten up book 3 so I can send it out to beta's later tonight. Of course, I get sidetracked and start doing other things (yeah, I procrastinate A LOT). I was messing around on Amazon Author Central and looky what I saw today! SIX new 5 Star reviews on Amazon! There were actually seven new reviews, but the screenshot I took couldn't capture them all.

I rarely look at reviews anymore, as I tend to get distracted (especially if they are unfavorable), but today, I'm glad I did. This gives me the added motivation to get cracking and finish book 3! A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who reviewed PARALLEL and PARADOX! It means so much that you not only enjoyed the series, but took the time to write a review.

And tomorrow, I'll be announcing an awesome stay tuned! 


  1. Claudia,
    I wish more readers would take the time to write reviews, nothing fancy, just some ideea of what appealed and what did not. But alas, we must struggle, fighting for feedback. Some day, we may look back and think, why didn't we start sooner? Each day it seems we are presented with a learning opportunity. We must make a choice or lose an opportunity.

    1. I agree...good or bad, it's nice to know what readers think. I try to to learn something new everyday and apply it to my writing and's never ending!


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