Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Until Next Time...

I thought I was late with my ROW80 update, but it turns out, the official last check-in day is tomorrow. I'm actually on time for once!

Since this is my last post, I decided to do a run through of all that I've accomplished these last 80 days:

1. I didn't get PARADIGM (book 3) published, as I'd hoped, but it IS ready to go out to beta's in the next couple of I only missed this goal by a day.

2. I turned in two short stories (one Christmas, one Halloween) or two separate anthologies and I'm pleased that they were accepted (more details on that later).

3. Did some awesome interviews of epic proportions (I got Jack'd by Jack Wallen, was featured in The Indelible's newsletter, and even got a guest spot on the Wattpad Insider!)

Since I started participating in ROW80, I've always kept my goals simple: write everyday. With a couple of exceptions, I've pretty much kept that goal and I can't ask for anything more than that, right? I think next round (starting Oct 1) will include getting things turned in ON TIME! 

I hope everyone had a great round for those that participated and see ya'll in October!! 


For those wondering about the status of PARADIGM: I've already submitted image files to my cover artist, my new editor has been contacted, and my beta's should get their copy this week!

I also have some cool news about the direction the Travelers Series is going and I'll be sharing that as soon as PARADIGM is released!! (And no, it's not being optioned for film, or anything amazing like that). 


  1. well done on your round - keeping goals simple sounds good - keep smiling- see you back in Oct:)

  2. I loved the first 2 books and I cant wait for the next book paradigm to come out.


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