Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cover Reveal Friday!

I know I've been in what seems like an extended hiatus, but I promise you I've been working hard on my new series. Coming soon, I swear (I'll be reaching out to my faithful beta's in the next week or two)!

But one thing I have managed to secure is my new cover! Karri Klawiter of Art by Karri designed this amazing cover for DARKLY BEINGS! Not only did she manage to capture the image I was going for in one try, but she's incredibly great to work with! 

And here's the blurb: 

Wyatt McKenna has avoided his hometown for years, until a chance encounter prompts him to return to the small Texas town of Caldero, a place where he prefers to keep the memories of his childhood buried. 

Natalie Betancourt is sent to spend the summer with her aunts in Caldero, in an attempt to escape the curse placed by the very priests that have guarded her family’s secret for generations.

In a sleepy Southern town where nothing ever happens, Wyatt is charged with changing the course of Natalie’s fate and the destiny that awaits them both.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My First Photo Shoot

I've never done a professional photo shoot before (aside from my wedding), but yesterday the hubby and I had our photos taken for an upcoming piece for Prince William Living, featuring the authors participating in the food/book event for Fall for the Book. The hubs and I didn't have photos of us together, so they sent a photographer to our house!

Here are some of the shots (from the 150+ that were taken): 

(Photo Credit(s): Chip Deyerle) 

Now, if you're an author and are contemplating getting some new author pics done, here's what I've learned:

1. Expect the session to take more than an hour! Silly me, I thought we'd be done in less than an took two.

2. If you're like me and NOT photogenic, expect the photographer to take a billion pics in order to get ten that look good. 

3. Make sure you get some good candid shots. Of all the photos taken, the candid ones were the best ones. 

4. Wear color! At first, I really wanted to wear a white dress paired with a jean jacket, but in the end I followed the photographers advice and he was right. I didn't want to go overboard, so I chose something that complimented the hubby's chefs jacket.