Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodbye Blogger, Hello New Website!

After several years, I finally decided to upgrade my official website! That means I will no longer be using blogger to host my website. I will continue to keep this blog open so that readers can still read the archives for past posts.

My website address will remain the same (, but it will direct you to the new site (which will contain a new blog format)! I spent a whopping 8 hours on it Sunday, so I hope y'all will check it out!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Where in the world is…???

I am still here! Yes, I know… I've been way to silent. It's been three months, so what in the world have I been doing/hiding/writing??

Well, in November, the family and I ventured over to the beautiful Bahamas (Abaco) for my brother-in-laws wedding. It was an awesome week in which I got absolutely no writing done (can you blame me)?

Check out the view from our beach house! 

Then in December, we braved the weather (although we're still dealing with snow, snow, snow…). I spent most of this month re-editing the Travelers Series for second edition ebooks, so writing was put on the back burner for awhile. 

Just one of the many snow storms to hit Northern Virginia this winter. 

Which brings us to January when I did a promo with Bookbub (if you haven't signed up for this service, do it now! Lot's of free and discounted ebooks!!) which introduced my books to so many fabulous new readers and put me at #1 on Amazon's Young Adult/Time Travel best seller list (for awhile)! 

It's always nice to see your book in the Numbero Uno spot. 

I know. None of these things is what you want to hear. Have I actually been writing? 

Yes! I am almost half way done with PARAMETER (book 4 in the Travelers Series) and have just started DARKLY RELATIONS (book 2 in the Darkly Series). So while I have been absent here on my blog it doesn't mean I've forgotten about y'all! 

While it's not a true resolution for the new year, I HOPE to stay more social and give y'all more updates as I work on both books. Sometimes things (like life) gets in the way and I forget to do some of the more important things, like stay in touch. 

Keep checking in and hopefully I'll have more to share in the coming weeks/months! 

xo Claudia